The Cold War

by Younger



I'm getting older, its getting colder
I'm getting bolder everyday
i walk out the front door into the world
Where my body aches and slowly decays

My, back, my neck, my legs and my shoulders
Are always in pain like I'm holding up a boulder
Round and round I'll let my head spin
and back and forth I'll let the world win
but its just the battle, its not the war
I fought through the cold time and time before

You won't get the best of me cause this time i've got a strategy
To keep you a bay my greatest enemy
i'm stronger now than I ever was
i've got a straight head and an unwavering love
i swear to god, i won't be beat
i won't let the cold get the best of me this time

i've got trouble holding up my head
and i've got a lot of things going on in it
my head is a mess with cronic headaches
i don't know the cause but they give me the shakes
i'll take a hit and lay my head to rest
i'll wake up tomorrow and i'll try my best
to hold my own and fight off this cold
but it gets harder as i grow old


i've gotten older, but i've gotten bolder
and i won't let the cold get the best of me


released February 14, 2017




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