Fifteen Over Six

by Gregory McKillop



A remastered version of Gregory McKillop's compilation that he self-released over 2 years ago. 15 songs from 6 of Greg's early albums, billed occasionally as Speaker For The Dead, now unavailable from his personal bandcamp due to a cleanout and a name-change, preserved forever here at Flowerpot Records. Look for new material under the name RUUNE and follow Greg's adventures through the universe at


released February 24, 2016

This Is The Last Year We Have - 1, 15
Never Give Up And Good Luck Will Find You - 2
I Hope You Have Fun While You Sleep - 3
JERKS Not Jerks - 4, 5, 7, 9, 10
This Song Always Gave Me Hope - 6, 8
Songs For No One We Know - 11
Get Home EP - 12
Devil Won’t Make Your Band Good - 13, 14

Compiled by Gregory McKillop
Mastered by Wes Meadows
Album art by Cheer Up Brigade





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Track Name: Early Morning Voice
Brother tell me a story of what I can do to better my shot. Oh Mother tell me a story of what I can do to win in the end. Oh sister tell me a story of what I can do to better my thoughts. Oh father, tell me a story of what I can do to better my heart?

Your Head does good for your whole body your heart only does whats good for your heart. I know, you know, that I am sorry, well I guess that, that is a start.

Oh lover tell me a story of what I have gained and what I have lost. Oh friend, tell me a story of what I can win if I wait till the end, oh sister tell me a story of what I can do to better my thoughts, oh father tell me a story of what I can do to better my heart?

Your Head does good for your whole body your heart only does whats good for your heart. I know, you know, that it is shoddy, well I guess that, it is a start.
Track Name: The Put Down
A serious disappointment is what you are, always building success on the backs of your friends. Is it an end that you are comfortable with? Is it an end that sits well in your stomach. Is it an end that justifies all the means? Is it an end, that your stupid enough to repeat? Insanity is when you repeat yourself. It doesn't matter if I'm forgiven or not. Cause before I die I just want to set things right, before the night, sings me to sleep. Your gonna get low. Your gonna get lower still. You're Gonna get high, and you'er gonna get drunk. Your gonna give yourself up to someone who don't know your name.
Track Name: Worcester Song
if you're dead please raise your hand
we'll tell you what to do
and if you are from worcester please be sure
someones singing somewhere for you and if mass is a coffin
than worcester has the perfect funeral for you
so don't worry because after your gone
I will go to every show with all of your friends
and as the list gets longer we will only sing harder and harder
even if you cant hear us
even if your not listening
dont be afraid Ill hold your hand because I am stronger than saves the day!
And if I had one dying wish I would put on a show
so I could give back everything I owe
mend every soul
take back every song I turned into gold
before the weight takes its toll
because I know Im getting old
Track Name: Second Best Day Ever
Sometimes I feel like my friends only like my band because of the bands we are friends with. Don't get me wrong: I am glad we are friends with the bands we are friends with! Sometimes I feel like my friends only like my music because they are my friends. Don't get me wrong: I am glad I am friends with the friends I am friends with. And my friends know the words to all of my music, I am ok with that! Its cool that you find that you can relate to that band in your basement, and it's cool that your music is more independent, but I am still looking for more songs that remind me of my boyfriend, and that I can relate too, and that he can relate to. That everyone can relate to wether you are straight, or white, or have rent to pay. Or if you don't want to get married, wether not your gay. Or if you don't fit in binaries. Or if you know your oppression, wether you are the oppressed, or if you are the oppression. Who ever said that being in a band makes you cool? It just makes you hungry, and starving, and tired. Who ever said that those guys in those bands loved you? They just want to take all your money and spend it on their girls and booz
Track Name: I Am A Cis-Gender Dude Dating A Transguy And Its Awesome!
Thank you for today: it started with a change to your name, and ended with a song we both could play on washboard and guitar. I think we will go real far across the country, or right here in your room. It's soon, the time that I can harmonize with your vocal chords and you realize that your face is straighter and more angular than it used to be. The hairs on your arms are not see through, they are getting darker every single day! I don't need to not hear your birthname to know that today is the birthday of the name that I know you by, and the rest of your life. Thank you for today: we both wish that we could skateboard: I'd turn it into a porno if I could and it would be real real bad. I would be in any bad movie with you, its true. No scripts or threats to sue, wed have the rights to our box office previews, and block buster reviews, and straight to home dvd dollar store sold on black friday that don't even make the news!
Track Name: Final Fantasy
If I was final fantasy, my bike would be my airship. I would learn to ride the highest hills on just one gear. Just so I could learn to get to you, because this is the part in the game where everything gets easier to get from point to point, to whipser in your ear, "I will use one too many metaphors to tell you I like you a little more than friends". Should my attraction to you get picked up and commodified by a record label tycoon, I doubt it will have soon but I am really sorry if I do sign away all my poems. I will use all the money to buy home for kids who got kicked out cause they came out to their parents, I think that is a little more important than marriage to you, and I think it is to me too. So I can still stand up for something, and if there was ever any doubt, I would give all the money away. As we get to each new stage, we will ask if each other is ok. I would help you fight the boss but I don't think that either of us has one. Can I tell you a rather dramatic fact? You are the first person to ever be as affectionate back after I have initiated that sort of thing. But, on second thought, you kissed me first.....
Track Name: Punk Rock Did Not Save My Life
Punk rock didn't save my fucking life. I did, you did, and my parents did. but I never needed it cause I am a privilaged kid. I never needed saving to begin with. You might lie "DIY UNTIL I DIE" but nobody does it alone. You might disquise your songs about friendship as songs that you wrote alone in your room. Bring out your sweatshirts that say free food for everyone, but are never free for anyone. And I want to do my part because I know its not my burden: helping people who are hurting should never be a burden!
Track Name: This Song Is Not About My Emotions, Its About The American Health Care System
I don't think that I can sing through the pain anymore, I might need someone to help me sing. Before the pain stops me I am thinking of retiring. It's time to let some other punk kid scream about every single thing he believes like it gods. It was my god for so many years but I am through, and my teeth are too. I am all out of truths. Big tall buildings are doing their jobs to make you always feel very small. Now I've got drugs, I waited in line. I wanted to lie and say I was fine. Now I've got drugs state sponsored prescribed to take away the pain. Now don't ever talk about your problems again.
Track Name: Thanksgiving
what would you do
if the greatest person you know becomes
the greatest person you knew
what do you play
if the woman who gave you breath
no longer draws air to breath
well Ill tell you how you do it
and I think that you know it too
that if you know if your heart
she was there from the start
you can sing for her, and she can sing through you

when you were a young boy
your mother told you son
dont be a bad man, but you mightve played with guns
now your a rockstar, and as she turns to leave
she turns to you my son, for me do not regret, for me do not grieve
Track Name: Science
you can hear it like a whisper that cannot be hea
its impossible to ignore boy, youv got your work cut out
you gotta see it from their side, oh boy you are crazy
keep your head out of the clouds, why dont you just come down
keep your mouth shut, keep your head down
keep your faith around your kneck and your feet on the ground

Like they see science, you can hear voices too
like they prove themselves you can believe
like their reliance can serve a purpose
you serve a purpose too, because you believe

the smoke and fog it keeps getting thicker
this sick city just keeps on getting sicker and sicker
when everything you know goes out the window,
again and again
Track Name: Songs So Sad
I waited every single second of every minute for you to come down those stairs. Half expected you covered in rain to say: "Don't get on the last train to back bay station". So When the last train comes and says no other of my brothers are coming here for you. They say "Boy why don't you come down with me and play the blues, you've got songs so sad they ain't got souls" I said man, I can't, even if you ask me to I ain't good enough to sing the blues. And I didn't think that we would waste anytime with each other. I once met a man who lived on a bench he said boy I think you've seen better days. Don't got a home, so I know the place.

Theres a devil on the train, and he came for me.