Nowhere We Won't Go EP

by All Over The Place



Nowhere We Won't Go is a song that will be on our upcoming full-length album. It is paired with a few other unreleased songs exclusive to this release.


released December 6, 2014

Wes Meadows - vocals, guitar, pianica, trumpet
Kellen Bearden - bass
Andy Ondrejech - alto sax, clarinet
Jesse Lowers - drums
Noah Crowe - trumpet
Tyler Schulte - guitar, vocals, synth
Cy Aalei - tuba, trombone, baritone
Tommy White - trumpet
Emmet McGrath - trombone

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tyler Schulte




Flowerpot Records Ohio

A record label based out of Berea, Ohio, putting out CDs and tapes from artists around the country.


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Track Name: Nowhere We Won't Go
Through the bottom of the grass and in the middle of the trees, there is nowhere we won't go
Breaking bottles in the back, feel our attack, there is nowhere we won't go
When you hear the siren sound, shut your mouth and be a saint or face it on the ground, there is nowhere we won't go
And when you peel the sound away, you're fighting us today, there is nowhere we won't go
Track Name: Be Just Like The Old Days
It took a while to figure out that all things I do amount to nothing
Takes a moment of what it's about to justify all the endless running
I know it's hard to go when you think nothing matters
I know it's hard to know with your brains all bruised and battered
It's hard enough not to matter
Thanks for nothing, thanks for nothing, hard enough that all my friends think I'm too proud to hold on to you
Track Name: Machine
I run like a rickety machine, put me under ice and watch me freeze
The doctor says that I won't get better and I agree
Say what you want but there's no need for hostility
My friends all run like rickety machines, hear the sound of people growing lean
The doctor says they'll be better soon and right back ahead of me
Leaving me to deal with their tiny emergencies
But I won't back down